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Comment: My observations from a few days spent in Ghana.

London Whale
2019-11-08 20:03:43


There is strong dissatisfaction and people have given up. Nothing seems to be working. The opinion is that Mahama performed better. The one scandal a week is battering the image of the government.

The floating voters are gravitating towards the NDC while there is going to be a voter apathy in the NPP stronghold of Ashanti.

Barring, electoral fraud, the next election is NDC's to lose. The so-called free boarding will not save NPP . People do not even like it, given the serious problems in its implementation,

Do not believe Kaku Romeos and Thumb Thumb's of SIL. You should rather pray against a serious mass uprising.

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London Whale on 11-08 20:03
My observations from a few days spent in Ghana.