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Comment: The Clown Show In Nigeria Continues

Auntie Sipa Eshun
2019-11-08 20:15:52

After fulfilling all the stringent requirements of the bail bond, the DSS (these department of state services people are the real brutes with big guns that make Ghana's BNI look like day nursery kids) refused court order to release activist Omoleye Sowore from custody. His trial was scheduled for Nov 27 but has been moved ahead to Dec 2nd.

His lawyer Femi Falana sued the DSS and won in court today. The DSS is supposed to release Sowore to his attorney 2hrs ago. Under a civilian government, a state institution is thumbing its nose at the court. How is this possible? You people are also baying democracy democracy. Me, I prefer a brutal military dictatorship to get things done. Tusile Sowore bayi. A re wa ni ijoba ti ko lagbara yii.

There'll be governorship election re-run in Bayelsa and Kogi states in two weeks. And it's not without controversy and multiple lawsuits, accusations and physical fights. If this is what you call democracy, then I prefer a brutal military dictatorship. INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) is Nigeria's equivalent of Ghana's Electoral Commission. They're a bloated organization subject to bribery and intimidation. Today a Nigerian high court issued a judgement against INEC, ordering them to reinstate that Ukranian-Nigerian Natasha Akpoti as a candidate for governor in Kogi state. Further the court warned INEC that it has no mandate to disqualify any candidate except the courts, that can interpret and rule in election cases.

INEC was bribed to reject Natasha's candidacy on the grounds that she filed her application to be on the ballot late. However, Natasha did not file late. She has a video of someone saying an order from above has requested rejection of her application. When she filed the clerk dismissed her application based on nothing. Her party the SDP then filed a lawsuit and discovered all the forces against her, including threats against her life. Natasha is smart, cuts a female Rawlings type of figure with a high yellow appeal that scares her opponents.

In the next two weeks, watch out for election violence in Kogi and Bayelsa states.

Le apaniyan kan gba lori Nigera fun rere.

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Auntie Sipa Eshun on 11-08 20:15
The Clown Show In Nigeria Continues