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Lucky Luciano
2019-12-02 12:55:52

The Ark of the Covenant, a wooden chest measuring three feet nine inches long and two feet three inches high and wide, was worshiped by the Israelites of Bible times as the embodiment of God Himself, as the sign and the seal of His presence on earth, as the stronghold of His power and as the instrument of His ineffable will. Lined inside and out with pure gold, it was surmounted by two winged figures of cherubim that faced each other across its heavy golden lid (Exodus 25:10-11).

A close reading of the Old Testament reveals more than two hundred separate references to the Ark of the Covenant up until the time of Solomon (970-931 BC). After the reign of that wise and splendid king it is almost never mentioned again.

Many scholars have described the disappearance of the sacred relic as “one of the greatest mysteries of the Bible”. There is no report that the Ark was carried away or destroyed or hidden. There is not even any comment such as “then the Ark disappeared and we do not know what happened to it” or “and no one knows where it is to this day”.

The most important object in the world, in the biblical view, simply ceases to be in the story. The disappearance of the Ark has remained an enigma, a secret that many have tried to penetrate – a secret that has inspired several treasure hunting expeditions and of course one enormously successful Hollywood fantasy movie, "Raiders of the Lost Ark", with Harrison Ford in the starring role as Indiana Jones.

So what became of the Ark of the Covenant? As an object does it still exist, and if so, where is it located?


For a continuation of the story, make a date with me tomorrow.

Da Yie.
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