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Comment: Ghanaians Don't and Can't Deal with Problems

2019-12-02 21:16:57

Kofi Carl Lewis, one of my Asante subjects in Nouadhibou, is aptly named due to his fear of cops for fleeing. We were drinking apoi once when two cops entered the house to visit a Mauritanian mother of their partner who is diagnosed with cancer. Before we know it Kofi has opened the window and jumped to safety.

I went to court with a Ghanaian shipmate after giving the racist Greek captain dirty slaps. My paddy broke down prior to start of interrogation in court prompting his lawyer to leave the courtroom. Ghanaians can't cope with issues. I spent seven whopping years in Africa without family or support from anyone. My late paddy Sammy was the only one who sent me $100 thrice in four years through friends from Barcelona.

When Ghanaians married in Europe started facing the wrath of Massa, they chose deportation over prison for minor incidents. Moi was safely in Canada when they went to Ghana penniless. Some had mental health issues, whilst others were mostly dead broke. One by one they started dying due to stress and the inability to deal with tough issues. Will some brave Akyemni poke Akopy in the ribs anytime he falls asleep during a conference?
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