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Comment: Suale 2:Ken 2 'TAKE CARE' of Chantelle & Family

2020-01-14 13:13:13


Pray for Selassie Gertrude Bedzo, popularly known as Chantelle.

**The slay Queen who leaked Kan Dapaah’s video won’t go unpunished - Kennedy Agyapong (Watch)

14/1/ 2020

**Hon Kennedy Agyapong vows to bring the girl in Kan Dapaah expose down if she dares to release the remaining videos


“What the lady has done is serious, I've heard she’s bragging that she can bring a government down. Is it not Canada she stays at? She lives in Toronto and she is bragging. I hear she’s in town and even A Plus has gone to see her. She will get her punishment” Kennedy Agyapong said.

“ I have the audio here … you'll bring the government down, this girl got nerves, she got nerves” the MP fumed
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Botifans on 01-14 13:13
Suale 2:Ken 2 'TAKE CARE' of Chantelle & Family