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Comment: Canada Under Siege by East Indians & Chinese

2020-01-14 17:56:08

President Trump once lamented that economics is the reason East Indians have mostly escaped from racism. He nailed it this time. Whilst Africans tend to flee back home with their hard earned monies to build mansions and establish there, East Indians and Chinese are busy finding a way to make it big here.

East Indians are now using education to acquire their permanent residency. These private colleges will accept anyone willing to pay their outrageous foreign student tuition, and so they apply to study here and allowed to work only 20-hours weekly. They will then apply for full-time work upon graduation. And before you know it they are on their way to become permanent residents of Mighty Canada or green card holders in America.

East Indians, unlike Africans, will not abrogate their contracts. Most will even refuse Employment Insurance when laid off, thinking that will go against them when it comes time to buy a house or apply for their PR card. They have a plan and tend to plan some ten to twenty years ahead even as teenagers.

You lie, Boy, is the word from Massa when it comes to the refusal of African students to study in Canada. They hardly honour their side of the agreement. See, when my Nigerian paddy Femi graduated from BCIT with a degree in engineering, he chose to return home, but was mocked for returning home broke. He then applied to return to Canada and later married a Portuguese-Canadian woman. Massa was not impressed. East Indians tend to marry their kind, at least 95% of them do. East Indians think Blacks are enarmoured of White women. You promise Massa to come and study and return home. Before they know it, not only are you staying, but using his dawta to acquire the papers. A hurtful Massa is very dangerous and unpredictable. Word!
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JW on 01-14 17:56
Canada Under Siege by East Indians & Chinese