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Comment: Why Now? The Rubicon Has been Crossed.

Auntie Sipa Eshun
2020-01-14 20:22:56

This weekend there was a big conference titled "Never Again". It was attended by politicians, chiefs, society big shots and anyone who has stolen from the government coffers or lives in a glorified manse with and has millions of dollars stashed abroad. Curiously the northern elites were the majority at the conference because they have everything to lose.

The "Never Again" conference was organized to find a way to forestall the upcoming split of Nigeria via referendum in the southern states as well as the impending civil war that will follow should it fail.

Organizers of the conference chose Wole Soyinka to deliver the keynote speech at the conference and I can't believe he accepted the invitation in the first place despite his rabid opposition of the current government and its senseless killings of his people.

Soyinka's first statement which warmed my heart was "Operation Amotekun is a pleasant New Year gift". (There's a video of his speech on Youtube).

My question why are they now so desperate to organize an opposition to the split? The president said nothing when the Fulani herdsmen went on a rampage in the countryside to displace over 82,000 villagers, destroy countless farms and kill over 25,000 defenseless peasant whose only crime was protecting their farms from cattle grazing. Rather the Fulani president asked every state to set aside acres of land for the herdsmen to establish Ruga. (Google Ruga opposition in Nigeria)

When the marginalized Igbo organized themselves to demand fair and equitable distribution of Nigeria's budget and projects, the government gunned down 500 of their protesters. Their group IPOB (Indigenous people of Biafra) was labelled a terrorist organization and its leader Nnamdi Kano put on a wanted dead of alive list.

A Yoruba traditional chief and his wife were kidnapped by northern bandits who demanded outrageous ransom. The government of the day did nothing. It should also be noted that captured Boko Haram insurgents are not punished but placed a camp to undergo rehabilitation because the northern Nigeria Muslims do not want to be seen as being harsh to their own. However they will readily mow down peaceful IOPB protesters.

When all this was happening nobody called for a peace conference. Nobody organized "Never Again". They know what's coming so they're scared now and organizing conferences. The Igbos will be launching their "Operation Obunigwe" soon and we shall see who is braver.

That illiterate Fulani dictator who is touted to be a reborn democrat will soon smell pepper. His people have stolen the wealth of Nigeria and rendered over 100 million citizen poor. You can have all the peace conferences in the world and we shall still split the union so everyone can go their own way in peace.

Oduduwa republic is here to stay. No turning back on Amotekun. The Rubicon/Benue River has been crossed.

To ti to.
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Auntie Sipa Eshun on 01-14 20:22
Why Now? The Rubicon Has been Crossed.