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Man Tries To Jump Hotel Wall After Spending GH₵ 3000 With 2 Women

Thu, 24 Nov 2022 Source: Club Mate

In Edo State, a man was caught trying to avoid paying his bills by jumping over the fence of a hotel. He had stayed there with two women and bought things worth N85,000.

Reports say that the unidentified man stayed in a hotel in Benin City with two women and spent 85K on goods.

He tried to get away without paying by climbing over the hotel's fence, but the security guard caught him.

In a viral video of his arrest, the man had red welts on his forearm, which may have been caused by hotel staff when he tried to avoid paying his bills.

A social media user shared the story online writing:

“Happened live in a hotel in Benin city, Edo State. This guy carried two girls to lodge in the hotel, bought items worth N85k and didn’t have money to pay. He tried running away by jumping the fence but was caught by the security guard. Na by force to do big boy?”

Source: Club Mate