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Accra Majestics Rugby League Club organizes Beach Fun Games

Sun, 26 Feb 2023 Source: Rachel Ankomah Media

Accra Majestics Rugby League Club organized beach fun games in collaboration with Nungua Tigers and African Warriors on 25th February 2023.

This collaboration was the first of it's kind in the history of Ghana Rugby League. For the first time ever, three clubs joined forces to organize an event.

Activities for the day included Lime & Spoon, Tough Rugby, Rugby Netball, Rugby Tennis, Hit the bottle, Red light, Green Light and Eating Competition.

Four teams participated in the fun games. The teams were Team A ,( The Fox), Team B ( Team Red) , Team C ( Snipers) & Team D (Kay Construction)

Below are the winners of the activities

Lime & Spoon -


Touch Rugby -


Rugby Tennis -


Hit the Bottle -


Rugby Netball -

Team A (THE FOX)

Red light Green Light -


Eating Competition -


Team C (SNIPERS) were the overall winners as they won three out of seven activities.

"This is the first time in the history of Ghana Rugby League that clubs have come together to organize such a program. This proves that Rugby League goes beyond winning games and competing against each other. I'm happy that the program was a success. We had more numbers than we anticipated. I'm grateful to Nungua Tigers and African Warriors for collaborating with us. And to our other partners , Kay Construction, Laboma Beach and RA Media Gh, Accra Majestics says thank you." - Rachel Ankomah (Founder of Accra Majestics)

" It was a great morning waking up to a beautiful sunrise to connect with the majestics team on the beach.

I must say i was really impressed with the setting and timely start for the day.

Team involvement and interesting game line up. Lime & spoon was my highlight of the day. Followed by the touch rugby league game. Coupled with the other games.

Thanks to Accra Majestics for the invite and we, Nungua Tigers appreciate this union this season " - Oliver Puman - President of Nungua Tigers

"It was a nice experience.

We got to meet and interact with our old play mates whom we haven't seen after the last season's championship ended." Eric Sowah - Owner of African Warriors Sports Academy

The CEO of Kay Construction ,Moses Agbenu graced the occasion with his presence.

Source: Rachel Ankomah Media