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Agro Empire: A Gold Mine in a Snail Empire

Wed, 11 Jan 2023 Source: Rachel Ankomah Media

Taking a closer look at the snail industry, the opportunities has remained limitless over the last decade and individuals and organizations looking closely to pursue this venture will be doing their respective countries and communities a greater good.

Agro Empire, a startup that is exploring the snail value chain has become confident of using snails to put smiles on the face of multitudes. Ranging from job opportunities, availability of snail meat as a delicacy, value addition for local consumption and export, the extraction of slime for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, Agro Empire Ltd. promises a gold mine in the snail industry.

A company registered in October 2022 and emerging from the Kosmos Innovation Center’s Agritech Challenge Classic and Pro, the co-founders have had a long mill to go through refining their ideas and business strategies to take Africa by surprise. The company to be formally established at Obonyan in the Kwahu East District, the location will host a 10-acre free range snail farm, a breeding house, hatchery, a processing center and offices. A 75-acre land distant from industry proofs ideal for Agro Empire’s Vision.

The company envisions becoming a household name that drives the agriculture industry, spreading smiles while creating value with focus on innovation and sustainability. Agro Empire obsesses over the little details to bring better snail products to everyone.

The mode of operation, besides an African inspired dream, makes use of the Cherasco Method. The Cherasco Method snail is the new symbol of quality , professionalism and entrepreneurial culture in the world, it does not pollute, it is rich in proteins and represents a new concept of spiral economy because it does not produce waste, everything is reused in a sustainable perspective .

Agro Empire Ltd. with its fulcrum on innovation and sustainability will produce at least 1 million snails every year with the problem of availability being a thing of the past. Its partnerships and collaborations make the entity a force to reckon with, in the area of food security, economic values and addressing inequalities among other many things.

A sure bet of ensuring the contribution to a growing economy will see the value of Agro Empire increase by 120% in 2025, from very competitive pricing of its snails, taking advantage of its Economies of Scale. Only 23% of the Ghanaian demand is satisfied by internal production!

In a year on, double profitability from the cultivation of snail slime which is extracted through the MullerOne, a machine patented by one of our top partners, Instituto Internazionale Di Elicicoltura, Cherasco uses a CrueltyFree method .

Agro empire represents an environmentally sound, financially secure and potentially very high yield investment.

Every Snail Holds A Slime!

Agro Empire Ltd to Grace IndiaSoft 2023

Held consecutively since 2001, INDIASOFT has emerged as the favourite meeting ground for Indian tech developers and global consumers. With more than 1000 IT and tech companies converging to meet and connect with each other, the Show brings to the fore competencies of Indian software and tech industry.

With large number of international delegates, the Show provides multiple opportunities to forge business alliances, spread first-hand information about latest innovations and helps build vibrant and dynamic tech world.

INDIASOFT is an avenue to source innovative products & services in sectors including Agritech, Health tech, BFSI, Edutech, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Process Automation, Smart Manufacturing, Big Data Analytics, Fintech, Blockchain, Health IT, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Animation/ Films/ Gaming/ AR / VR, Software Development, Web & Mobile Apps, Electronics Hardware, IOT, Edutech, Security Electronics, LPO/ KPO/ BPO and Drone.

Agro Empire with its related interest in particularly Agritech, Smart Manufacturing and Robotics Process Animation, it has sealed a sustainable partnership to participate as delegates in the famous IndiaSoft Tech Meet Up.

Chief Executive Officer of Agro Empire Ltd, Mr. Dennis Asiedu Ababio on this feat chalked: “We have always been open to learning and to exploring new ways of doing things. Indiasoft will give us some exposure on smart manufacturing and agritech inventions that may help boost our work here in Ghana, producing and processing snails in commercial quantities. We are deliberating is forming partnerships with world players of technology and investors that will aid the Agricultural value chain”.

Mr. Asiedu Ababio will represent the company in India from the 27 – 29 March, 2023 in New Delhi, India. He is among 300 nominees who will be fully funded for the event. (indiasoft.org).

Source: Rachel Ankomah Media