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Ghanaian Senior High School graduate develops social media app-BuzzChat

Sun, 30 Oct 2022 Source: Rachel Ankomah Media

Frederick Abila, a Ghanaian Technology enthusiast has fused his passion and skill into developing a top notch new generation social media platform.

Frederick is an eighteen year old Ghanaian native who recently completed Labone Senior High School.

"The dream to develop Buzz Chat came up when scrolling through a twitter feed. With the idea of setting up something that would gain us total independence from Western based social platform. My main aim for this is to achieve total independence as Ghanaians. How can we claim we are independent from colonial rule when we still depend solely on the resources they offer us.

In view of this, Buzz Chat was born." - Frederick told RA Media Gh

Buzz Chat primarily is a basic social feed system which allows users to share their thoughts.

According to Frederick, the main concern for Buzz Chat in the African continent primarily in Ghana is to enforce cyber security. Buzz Chat is highly monitored to prevent users from encountering online scam and harmful content. One of the very main reasons Buzz Chat was built is to make Ghana independent of the Western social platforms. These platforms are well developed and popular that we can’t do without them but in the current state of matters what if WhatsApp, Facebook,Twitter and the likes say they’re banning Africa as Large or Ghanaians per say. Do we halt our social experience or we move forward. That is where Buzz Chat comes in. To provide an alternate solution to social media in Africa and to secure our social future. Anything’s possible that’s why we secure a plan B.

"With Buzz Chat user data is highly secure and your privacy really matters to us."

Buzz Chat can be accessed on the web here on all devices.

Their android app can be accessed through ApkPure here

while we await publishing On Google playstore.

iOS users can also download buzzchat using this link

Source: Rachel Ankomah Media