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Press Release: Latchford Giants partner with Accra Majestics

Tue, 31 Jan 2023 Source: Rachel Ankomah Media

Latchford Giants have partnered up with Ghana Rugby League club Accra Majestics to help grow the game. Latchford Giants are looking to build a real strong relationship where both clubs will work together to develop coaches and players by exchanging knowledge on regular video calls and in the near future hopefully an actual trip.

David Manfredi Latchford Coach Coordinator said this :

"I’ve been watching via social media the work that Rachel and Khalil have been doing over in Ghana at Accra Majestic RL Club and I thought this is something I personally as well as Latchford Giants want to be involved with. To see how they are growing as a club is amazing and no matter who your loyalties lie with, the fundamental part of this is to keep Rugby League growing and thriving and a major way to ensure that happens is to build partnerships like this.

I had a call with the guys and straight away it just felt right. We as a club don’t want to just support locally we want to do everything we can and this is part of the next step in our club values.

There will be something to come from this over the coming years and we all at Latchford Giants are fully behind this. As well as the guys at Accra exciting times in Rugby League yet again."

Rachel from Accra Majestics added this:

"I'm very excited about this partnership and everything it entails. This is an incredible opportunity to foster a wonderful relationship between the two clubs, expand our network, and create potential opportunities for the team while developing the Greatest Game of All. I love what Latchford Giants is doing, especially with the young kids. I believe their development projects are directly aligned with ours, and with this partnership, both clubs will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.

Thank you very much to the Latchford Giants, especially David Manfredi for the opportunity.

I'm looking forward to working with them."

As a whole club this is a very exciting opportunity to everyone involved and something as a club we are very proud to be part of more information will follow on small projects linked with this.

Source: Latchford Giants ARLFC

Source: Rachel Ankomah Media