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#SheLeagues - A Women's Rugby League Campaign has been launched.

Thu, 5 Jan 2023 Source: Rachel Ankomah Media


They walk among us. In high heels and sandals, barefooted and in slides.

Some are nurses, corporate executives, business owners, teachers, students, you will find them in every occupation.

They are our mothers, daughters, sisters, nieces, friends, church members, of all races, ages and body types.

But on the weekend, like superheros they transform, the click clack of heels replaced with the sturdy thud of boot studs on hard ground. These are the women of rugby league.

The first women’s rugby league game was played in 1921, though for what seemed like an eternity; matches were few, certainly not well publicised, nor regular, on a worldwide or grand scale.

There was more movement in the 50’s and although still grinding away behind the scenes in different places around the world, women’s league was still a little taboo and for those of us dying to play, we were caught in somewhat of a “dark age”. It wasn’t until the 1990’s that rugby league for women started to gain acceptance and with that some traction.

Fast forward to 2022 and the women’s rugby league is widely played and indeed appreciated, and the light on this field continues to brighten. Rugby league is welcoming and embracing women with open arms.

The game once; all but the sole dominion of our male counterparts, is now well established among traditional rugby league nations, and is fast gaining a foothold in Africa, North America and other nations new to the game. It’s a beautiful sight.

This July, a truly international group of women from Africa, Canada, Australia and U.S.A have joined forces to produce “SHE LEAGUES” introducing women around the world to the game, promoting and encouraging female participation.

Age, fitness, body type – none of these are a barrier to joining in!

You need not know how to play; your club will teach you!

But be warned, once you play, you will become addicted.

Women everywhere are realising the fun, fitness and indeed sisterhood that the game brings to their lives, along with transferrable life skills, such as teamwork, leadership, strategic thinking and courage.

Many women will play for the fun fitness and social aspects. Others will get serious and take it to the upper echelons of the women’s competition, but for all involved, this game presents opportunities of one kind or another.

Throughout “SHE LEAGUES” July, there will be videos and stories from female players and clubs around the world featuring in various social and traditional media.

In Ghana, Africa – where rugby league is still in its infancy at around 10 years old, the game is growing rapidly with a solid Men’s competition already established; and women’s and youth teams gaining much interest.

In fact, for its 2nd year Ghana can boast having an entire rugby league club the Accra Majestics men’s, women’s and youth teams – OWNED by a woman – Rachel Ankomah …SHE LEAGUES!

Rachel not only owns a club, but plays too and “SHE LEAGUES” activities are in the planning for July in Ghana.

There is certainly room for more women in the game worldwide.

Ladies, WE WANT YOU! Come and give rugby league a try!

Look for the SHE LEAGUES posts, videos and stories & hashtags on social media.

If you would like to learn more about the game in your country, find a club or come and watch a game anywhere in the world, you can contact NRL Barbie, Rachel Ankomah or Accra Majestics Rugby League Club via our “SHE LEAGUES” Instagram posts and we will get you in touch with someone who can assist in your country.

“SHE LEAGUES” July, could not be possible without the amazing women and organisations involved in this international collaboration:



SHER & LIL – Canada

NRL BARBIE – QLD, Australia



FLEXI AFRICA – Sydney, Australia

Contributor: B.J. Prow

Source: Rachel Ankomah Media