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The Star Wright Foundation in collaboration with the Ghana American Football launch SHS Flag Football Program.

Mon, 27 Feb 2023 Source: Rachel Ankomah Media

The Star Wright Foundation in collaboration with the Ghana American Football Association held a press conference on 24th February at Serenity House, Airport to launch the Ghana Skills and Drills Camp. The Ghana Skills and Drills Camp is an initiative to introduce Flag Football into secondary schools in Ghana.

On 25th February, both parties progressed to the Mc Dan Town Park to officially commence the SHS Flag Football Program. This saw them teaching the sport to more boys and girls from various secondary schools.

This program was just for SHS - SHS Flag Football Program.

Basic Flag Football with the NFL is already ongoing , out of which the 13U Team Ghana was selected to compete at Pro Bowl this year.

" My role here Is to make sure the community and officials understands what flag football is about." - Desiree Abrahms said

"There's lack of representation of black and brown people in this game. We need to be seen. We need the talents out there. I advise you to embrace this sport." She added

Wahab Abdul Larry added his voice

"We are here to witness another milestone in making flagstaff a household in Ghana. To make flag a preferred sport to the masses in Ghana. We believe in sports and education.We are excited about this and we will continue to work together with stakeholders to help grow American football in Ghana"

"First ever skills and drills camp was in Kumasi. It was impromptu.

I was in Kumasi on a spiritual journey. Two kids turned to 20 then 100. Roughly 1000 kids participated.

"Ghana isn't the only place. Entire continent of Africa. We want to provide opportunities for the amazing talents across the continent." - Star Wright said.

The program was attended by GAFF Officials which included Hamza Jibril(Vice President), Wahab Abdul Larry (President), Abdul Razak Issah(Secretary ) & Head Coach Elbert Allen.

CEO of Star Wright Foundation, Star Wright was also present with her team which included Global Flag Ambassador, Desiree Abrahms.

In attendance also was Rachel Ankomah, Sports Development Officer for National Sports Authority - Greater Accra Region.

P.E Masters from various secondary schools also graced the occasion.

"This is a great initiative by both parties. A great way to get children involved in American Football and also develop the sport. There's a lot of opportunities out there and it's my hope that these children take advantage of them". - Rachel Ankomah shared her thoughts.

Source: Rachel Ankomah Media