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Telegram has announced a 70-hour hacking competition with a total prize fund of $100,000. Developers who crack the smart contract will be rewarded with $50,000.

Mon, 24 Oct 2022 Source: Light News Gh

πŸ’Ž Smart Contract Cracking Competition

Prize fund: Up to $100,000

Deadline: 18:00 on October 25th (Dubai time)

Who can participate: Everyone

The Task is to identify potential vulnerabilities and issues in the smart contract that would form the basis of the Telegram Auction Platform.

Evaluation Criteria and Prize Fund Distribution:

Bounties are dependent on the severity of the discovered issues and could potentially range from $200 for minor code adjustments to $50,000 for major flaws – like behavior that could bypass the smart contract's logic and conditions in order to reassign ownership of assets.


For a complete description and technical details, see this document


1. Submit an archive containing your source code, a how-to manual, and a build script (if necessary) to @ContestBot (choose Smart Contract Cracking Competition).


2. Submit a pull request on GitHub. Describe the issue as a comment to the pull request. Submit a link to the pull request via .@ContestBot

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