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Uber Releases Its Top Mobility Trends From 2022

Mon, 20 Feb 2023 Source: Joseph-Albert Kuuire

Uber has announced the results of its Year in Review, which looks into top trends in mobility. The trends for 2022 indicate that people are travelling more, evidenced by a rider in Accra that racked up 1,500 trips, making them the most well-travelled Uber rider in Ghana.

The data also reveals that a driver in Ghana topped the charts by completing over 5800 trips in 2022.

Ghana saw an increase in airport trips by 59.8% between September and October 2022. According to Uber’s data, the country’s most popular travel destinations include the United States, United Kingdom, Nigeria, South Africa, Canada, and India.

Marjorie Saint-Lot, Head of Ghana and Ivory Coast for Uber explains: “As we know, ride-hailing has revolutionised how we move around our cities, introducing affordable, safe and convenient rides for consumers; and drivers, a reliable earnings opportunity in which they can set the pace of their work and essentially be their own boss.”

Uber also announced its expansion into Tamale and Sunyani in Ghana last year, making Uber available in 6 cities in Ghana and 18 cities across West Africa. In addition, it has expanded its product offering to include Uber Comfort, that includes ride preferences such as air conditioning, and UberX Share, which allows riders to save up to 30% when matched with a co-rider heading in a similar direction.

These expansions signal more access to earning opportunities for drivers and affordable, convenient, and reliable mobility solutions for riders, at the tap of a button.

“It is a privilege to have facilitated so many Uber users from Ghana during the past year; helping people reach their meetings on time and getting to the airport to enjoy their holidays,” adds Saint-lot.

“We are particularly proud that wherever you are in Sub-Saharan Africa, riders are impressed by the service they receive from drivers as the average driver rating in 2022 stands at 4.9.”

“We are certainly excited about this year, especially because we will be celebrating 7 years in Ghana, and a decade in Africa. We look forward to moving more people, creating more flexible earning opportunities, supporting our communities when in need and continuing to raise the bar on safety for all,” Marjorie concludes.

Source: Joseph-Albert Kuuire