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Efo Gozah

Kafui Chordz finally releases Daffodils album

Fri, 6 May 2022 Source: EFO GOZAH

Ghanaian vocalist lyricist Kafui Chordz has gifted the world one more embodiement of workmanship, a collection named Daffodils.

Kafui Chordz took to her web-based entertainment handles to report the arrival of what denotes her second studio collection, by sharing its track-rundown and collection cover.

Daffodils is a 9-track collection by the afro/r&b/soul vocalist, referred to, in actuality, as Celestine Agropah. Upon the arrival of the collection cover, many thought about what infomed her the choice, yet she gave understanding into her decision of the collection's title.

"Daffodils are spring blossoms that represent resurrection, trust, energy and happiness. They address strength and a new beginning as they are little survivors who have gotten through the colder time of year storms; an appreciation for being alive", she revealed.

The collection is a portrayal of the wind and turns of her life. Kafui Chordz further uncovered, "I can connect with the imagery of the daffodil bloom since I've had the option to climate troublesome and testing times where I arose more grounded, smarter, more excellent and more joyful. The existence of the daffodil blossom reverberates with mine and I realize many individuals can relate as well"

Fans can anticipate eight performance, yet astonishing melodies on Daffodils, while Worlasi got it done as the main highlighted craftsman on the 9-track project. The variety of the records are additionally clear in the particular creations from Mike Millz on Em, Luigi TWGT, Dob Music, Daniee Pro , Beat Beast, WHITE CHAPEL ( Nee Mantse, Babyyaw, Cosmos Mens, Joshua Moszi, Dave Merlington), Spon Keys and Enid, with significant blending and dominating credits to Qube.

You can get the Daffodils Album from here.


You can also listen to her collaboration with Worlasi