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Efo Gozah

UNPOPULAR OPINION: Childhood Abuse and it's Effect in Adulthood -Ghana

Fri, 13 May 2022 Source: EFO GOZAH

There’s a huge neglect in the Ghanaian society on how abuses in one’s childhood affects them when they become adults. Prior research has demonstrated that childhood experiences affect individuals in their adult life.

Again, it has been proven that adults with histories of a certain kind of trauma in childhood have been revealed to have chronic physical conditions and problems.

Think about people who become abusers, those who engage in social vices and crimes, those who become bullies, drunkards, drug addicts and the misandry (hatred for men and boys) amongst many other things.

Those who are gripped with fear, timidity, low self-esteem, inferiority complex and phobia of any kind.

In many places in Ghana, it has become a norm to exchange abuse for correction. There are adults now who are still suffering from childhood abuses; a lot of these abuses have cost them a great deal of their relationships, leadership roles, patriotism and a lot more.

Arshad Warsi an Indian actor and television personality quotes that; ‘A messed up childhood affects you in adulthood.’

Most often than not, adults who have been abused during their childhood tend to neglect their parents (abusers) during their old age when they become most vunerable.

Written by: Senam Quashigah