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Efo Gozah

When Men Decide To Cook

Tue, 17 May 2022 Source: EFO GOZAH

Never mind that traditionally and domestically, women hold the central role in the kitchen. Women are often times reminded that the kitchen is their place. But when it comes to making money from it, it becomes a male dominated field.

Professional cooking is a male-dominated field. Can you beat that?

They tell you cooking is a feminine chore. But when it comes to making money from cooking, the people cashing out from it are MEN.

I am talking about CHEFS.

Chefs like Gordon Ramsay make about $60 million every year from cooking. That’s like 27 billion naira a year. Yes you read right.

Rush off to Google to check the list of top 10 chefs in the world. NOT A SINGLE WOMAN; ALL MEN. From 10 to 1.

On the other hand, women do it as a chore and do it for free, men have the sense to make it a business and become billionaires from it.

So, I ask this question; “Why don’t we have more female chefs?”, upon all the cooking women do, why is professional cooking a male career?

You’d think most chefs would be women since cooking is a “female chore” around the world. Now, I am not telling you not to cook. I just want you to know that when they tell you it’s a woman’s job to cook, that it is actually not.

You do it for free, they do it professionally and make billions off it. Remember, not one world famous chef is a woman. Out of a list of 10, not one woman was featured.

Only 7% of restaurant owners are women. The remaining 93% are men. Only 17% of chefs are women. The remaining 83% are men. On a list where men earn as much as 60 million dollars every year for cooking (that’s 27 BILLION NAIRA EVERY YEAR), not one woman made the cut.

And that’s because professional cooking is dominated by men while cooking as a chore is left for women.

This should be enough to let you know that cooking, just like most chores, is not a gender role. Men cook way more than women when a financial benefit is attached to it.

Again, professional cooking is a male-dominated field. They just want women to do it for free. They tell you to cook at home for free because you’re a woman while they cook as a profession and become billionaires.”- Ijeoma Chinonyerem

Source: Speakafriq.com