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Love and Harmony

Let me begin by telling you something about myself for the time being . My name is Ernestina but i found almost everyone calling by Tina for short . I was born and raised in Keta which is the volta region of Ghana in 1982 which makes me 34 years old but presently working and living in Amsterdam . Am 5'' 5'' tall with brown eyes and blonde hair . Profession wise am a beautician who operates affairs of my beauty palour and into hair stylist .

I have never giving birth before , have 2 siblings who are living in Keta where my family happens to be . I love life , love my family and still have some love to share with the special man of my heart . I like crickets , gymnastics , golfing , gardening and cooking . I look into the future with hope and would like to create a relationship based on respect , understanding , trust and love . Seeking a relationship with longevity and not just something will end in just a blink of an eye .

Am not just looking for any man to date but here in search of my better half and my ultimate aim is to met someone to laugh with and try new things with and make new memories with together and also share life issues and ideas with and grow old together spending the rest of our life together . If you enjoyed reading all i said about myself and willing to give our friendship the try and chance to grow you can reach me through my personal email which is Ernestina5050@yahoo.com .......... Thank you
370997 2016-04-24 ernestina5050@yahoo.com

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