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Major Derick Oduro ‘justifies’ soldiers’ attack on journalist

The Chairman of the Defence Committee of Parliament and deputy Defence minister-nominee Major Derick Oduro has seemingly justified the alleged brutalities meted out to a freelance journalist by some soldiers during the Independence Day parade.

According to Kendrick Offei Ansah, four soldiers commanded him to follow them to the Osu castle barracks after he attempted to video them assaulting a civilian at the beach located behind the Black Star square.

He said the soldiers ordered him to crash his iPhone with a stone after which about ten of them pounced on him while others watched on, at the castle barracks.


The case has been lodged with the Osu police station but the military men have failed to respond to the police request to write their statement on the issue.

Commenting on the development, Major Oduro told Francis Abban on the Morning Starr that the officers may not have done anything wrong.

“There are some areas and zones where pictures are not supposed to be taken. If the person was assaulted wrongly, it is wrong but something might have prompted the action. At times, we blow issues out of proportion.

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