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Actress Rita Dominic dazzles in new movie, ‘Desecration’

The star-studded movie which recently premiered in London, with a special performance from the legendary rain-maker, Majek Fashek, was set and shot in London, starring Nollywood veterans Rita Dominic, Joseph Benjamin, Rykardo Agboh, alongside UK actors; Nicola Alexis (currently starring in Harry Porter musical), Max Cavenham, Moji Bamtefa and talented 8-year old Angel Agala, all of Nigerian and British backgrounds.

The movie follows the story of a casual extramarital affair that soon becomes a living nightmare for a character, Dr. Daniels, who quickly discovers that his free-spirited conquest (Rita Dominic) wants more than he had initially bargained for and would go to any length to achieve it. He must now find a way to make her disappear before her obsessive nature destroys his family.


Desecration was produced by Bode Odetoye of Kherut Films and directed by international multi-award winning director, Niyi Towolawi of HekCentrik Films.

Speaking on the quality and message of the movie, the director, Niyi Towolawi said; “I believe the Nigerian audience will love this film. I hope they find it as rewarding as it was to work on it, with such talent, and a producer that allowed me so much space to put my signature as an auteur on the film”.

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