Kenyans in Beirut stage demos outside consular office

Beirut Beirut blast

Wed, 12 Aug 2020 Source: bbc.com

Kenyans living in Lebanon's capital Beirut have been demonstrating outside the consular office demanding to be flown back home.

Several videos of the demos and photos of the Kenyans sitting outside the office late in the night have been shared online.

The Kenyans, who are mostly women, are believed to be domestic workers who lost their jobs after the explosion,

They can be heard in the videos, like this one from NTV saying they want to go back home.

Kenya’s Ambassador to Kuwait Halima Mohamud, who is also responsible for Kenyans in Lebanon, was quoted by Nairobi News website as saying that the stranded Kenyans would be repatriated.

"We have communicated to the Kenyans to register with the consulate and we are already trying to address their issue. Since resumption of flights 30 Kenyans were facilitated back to Kenya in terms of providing them with the relevant documentation by our honorary consul,” the website quotes the ambassador as saying.

Source: bbc.com
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