Mali elections: Nigeria's Goodluck urges more inclusiveness ahead of elections

Nigerias Former President Goodluck Jonathan Goodluck Jonathan, former President of Nigeria and West African mediator in Mali

Fri, 14 May 2021 Source: africanews.com

Dr Goodluck Jonathan, former President and West African mediator in Mali, has advised the Malian transition government to ensure more inclusiveness with key socio-political actors ahead of general elections scheduled for early next year.

Jonathan who stated this in a communique issued in Bamako at the end of a midterm assessment of the interim administration of President Bar also commended the government’s commitment to the 18-month transition period and progress so far made in implementing other measures agreed with the Authority of Heads of Government of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Speaking after the three-day visit, Dr Jonathan said: “In the light of the concerns raised by the stakeholders, the Mission encourages the Government to ensure greater inclusivity of the main socio-political actors in the Steering Committee to reach a consensus on the prioritisation of the reforms that should lead to a transparent, credible and universally acceptable electoral process within the timeframe set for the transition.

It, therefore, urges the other stakeholders to work with the Government to achieve this inclusiveness by actively participating in the work of the Steering Committee.

“The mission also noted the need to enhance communication between the government and the stakeholders regarding the implementation of the government’s Action Program.

"The mission also welcomed the judicial process relating to those who have been arrested over the alleged attempt to destabilize and undermine state security, which led to the acquittal of the alleged perpetrators, the restart of dialogue among the stakeholders within the framework of consultation with the Minister of Territorial Administration and the establishment of the Steering Committee under the Prime Minister.”

Jonathan urged the Malian authorities to set priorities given the little time left to carry out the transition supposed to bring civilians back to power in early 2022.

“A crucial aspect which should guide a government which has very little time is the management of what is ideal and what is feasible within the allotted time."

Source: africanews.com
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