Police rescue 32 girls, arrest 5 Burundians

Charles Twine 7 Charles Twine, the spokesperson of Criminal Investigations Directorate

Wed, 7 Apr 2021 Source: monitor.co.ug

Police have busted a racket of people who have been allegedly trafficking girls from Burundi through Uganda to the Middle East.

The girls were reportedly being transported for domestic labour.

Under its custody are five suspects, all Burundi nationals, who are accused of trafficking the girls through Mutukula border via Kampala to Entebbe airport.

Mr Charles Twine, the spokesperson of Criminal Investigations Directorate, yesterday said police received a complaint from officials at Burundi Embassy in Uganda about a group of girls who were being trafficked.

“After getting the information, we opened up a case file at Old Kampala Police Station and investigations commenced,” Mr Twine said.

He said during the investigations, a key suspect with a passport was arrested with two girls at Kab Hotel on Martin Road, downtown Kampala.

“Upon interrogation, the suspect confessed to participating in the trafficking of girls,” Mr Twine said, adding that the suspect led police officers to Bulenga, Wakiso District, to a residence where 30 victims were found.

The girls were all transported to the CID headquarters. “We are going to examine the victims medically to establish their health and mental fitness and also ascertain allegations that they were being harassed sexually,” Mr Twine said. He added that the suspects were being detained at Old Kampala Police Station.

“There is information that some of the trafficked persons are victims of involuntary organ removal and according to the UN alert, a kidney costs $26,200 (Shs113.4m), heart $119,000 (Shs515.4m) and liver $157,000 (Shs680m),” he added.

Police records

A recent police crime report indicates that 120 incidents related to trafficking in persons were registered in 2019 as compared to 286 in 2018, giving a 32.8 per cent decrease. Incidents of internal trafficking were 30 while incidents of transnational trafficking were 90.

Source: monitor.co.ug