We won’t return to Nigeria even for one million naira – Nigerians in Ghana

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Tue, 1 Jun 2021 Source: www.mynigeria.com

• MyNigeria TV quiz: Will you take N1 million to return to your homeland?

• Many Nigerians in Ghana prefer to stay outside their country

• Some nationals choose to return to Nigeria if given N1 million

How much or what would it take to get you back to your country to stay and work? Millions? Billions?

Or maybe nothing!

Well, this is what the MyNigeria team took to the streets of Ghana's capital, Accra to ask some Nigerians living in the country - and the answers were interesting!

It appears some Nigerians in Ghana may be bent on staying outside their country regardless of whatever offers they are given.

The MyNigeria team placed one million naira as a possible incentive and asked if that could convince some Nigerians who have made Ghana their second home to return to their homeland.

From the samples, most of the interviewees believed one million naira is too small an amount for them to return, adding that the high cost of living will not enable them to live comfortably in the country.

According to a Nigerian, no amount of money will convince him to relocate to his fatherland.

Some hilariously said, should they take out their plane tickets, virtually nothing will be left from the one million naira.

Another noted that even if the stated amount; one million naira was invested in his business; the amount will not be enough.

Out of the many, one respondent was of the opinion that the one million naira may be enough for him to return to Nigeria and start a new life.

One funny answer was from this Nigerian; Richard who hinted that he will enjoy himself with the one million-naira amount and afterward return to Ghana to continue his hustle.

Meanwhile, Ghana has served as a second home to many Nigerians, some of whom engage in trade and other lucrative businesses.

Nigerian celebrities have also been known to visit Ghana often especially for relaxation.

Watch the interview below:

Source: www.mynigeria.com