Medal expectations on Ghanaian athletes unrealistic without adequate preparations - Eric Nkansah

Eric Nkansah Ghanaian athlete, Eric Nkansah

Tue, 1 Sep 2020 Source: happyghana.com

Former Ghanaian athlete Eric Nkansah says the only way athletes will be able to achieve their medal targets and subsequently financial promises made to them by government ahead of major competitions is only when their preparations are well catered for.

According to him, the promises from the government to athletes to win medals at competitions especially the Olympic Games before they will be rewarded should be scrapped as most of them won’t make it to finals due to poor preparations.

He explained that government, as well as the Sporting Federations, should rather invest in the preparations of these athletes so they can win a lot of medals when they compete.

Nkansah stated that, during his time, athletes were engaged in a lot of competitions which is the reason why they excelled in international competitions. “Sports is all about long term preparations. If there isn’t any adequate preparation the athletes cannot win those monies that have been promised. The preparations are the most important thing and that is where the government must pay attention to”, he told Happy FM.

“If we prepare the athletes well that is where we can get more medals because sports is all about preparations”.

He added that government promising athletes of big rewards before the Olympic Games should stop as athletes without proper preparations cannot win any medal.

“That method of bringing out a reward scheme for athletes prior to the Olympic Games should be scrapped. What matters is the preparations. If an athlete should receive $20,000 for winning gold at the Olympics, then the government should invest in the preparations of the athlete. If there isn’t any adequate preparation the athletes cannot win”, he added.

The former Ghanaian Sprinter also congratulated the government for the construction of the 10-multipurpose Youth and Sports Centers across the country which he stated will help to unearth a lot of talents.

Source: happyghana.com