Daunte Wright shooting by police for Minnesota na 'accident'

Tue, 13 Apr 2021 Source: bbc.com

Police chief say di death of one black man wey one police officer shoot and kill for di city of Brooklyn Center for Minnesota na accident.

Chief Tim Gannon tell reporters say di Police officer wey shoot Daunte Wright wey be 20 years, bin wan use taser but make mistake to use her gun instead.

Di officer wey dem name as Kim Potter don work for Brooklyn Center Police for 26 years.

Wright death don spark protest and tori be say authorities don declare curfew.

Late on Monday, crowds shun di curfew to gada for a second night outside Brooklyn Center Police headquarters. Witness say some pipo throw officers fireworks and bottles wey respond wit tear gas and stun grenades.

For nearby Minneapolis, tension bin dey high as di trial of one ex-officer wey dey face accuse of killing George Floyd still continue.

Tori be say on Sunday, police pull ova Daunte Wright for traffic violation, but dem struggle when im try to enta back inside di car.

For one news conference on Monday morning, Chief Gannon play one short video from di body camera wey di policewoman wear, wey show Wright dey try get back inside im car as officers attempt to handcuff am for di side of di road.

One officer be say "Taser, Taser, Taser" - dis na normal police procedure before dem fire one of di stun guns. Dem see Wright de yenta inside im car and drive away, while di same officer say "I just shoot am".

Wit di serious injury wey I get from di shooting, Wright crash a few streets away.

"I believe say di officer bin mean to use Taser but shoot am wit a single bullet," na wetin Chief Gannon tok e add say "Nothing wey I tok to fit lessen dis pain."

Dem don place di officer on administrative leave.

For dat same news conference, Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott say im go do everything within im power to "ensure justice for Daunte Wright".

"Our hearts dey heavy right now, we dey in pain right now. Dis dey happen at a time that all of our community, all of America, indeed di whole world dey watch us," na so im tok.

Protests and overnight curfew

Angry protests gada for Brooklyn Center on Sunday night as news of Wright death begin spread.

Hundreds of protesters dey hala im name as dem gather late outside di police headquarters.

Dem say some pipo ransack about 20 businesses for one nearby shopping centre according to StarTribune, and dem say di looting spreading to parts of Minneapolis.

Di situation make authorities to enforce an overnight curfew on Sunday night, and on Monday, di mayors of Minneapolis and neighbouring St Paul declare a local state of emergency. Another curfew dey in place from 19:00 to 06:00 local time across the two cities.

As night reach on Monday, riot police order protesters to go but di crowd remain, na wetin CBS report. Police then begin use gas cannisters and stun grenades, na wetin reporters wey dey dia tok.

Members of di Minnesota National Guard, wey dem don already deploy for the trial on murder charges of Derek Chauvin, dem also send dem to Brooklyn Center.

National ice hockey, basketball and baseball games wey suppose hold on Monday night dem don postpone am.

How Daunte Wright family react?

Wright mother, Katie, say her heart dey "broken in a thousand pieces... I miss am well well ".

" Him bin my life, my son and I no go ever am back," Na so she tok on Monday. "Because of one mistake? Because of accident?"

Earlier, she tok how her son bin call her during di traffic stop. Him say dem stop am because of "air fresheners wey bin dey hang from im rear-view mirror". She say she hear di gbege and di phone line cut.

"One minute later, I call and im girlfriend answer, wey be passenger for di car, and she say dem shoot am... and my son dey lay there lifeless."

Why Minneapolis dey tense

Di trial of Derek Chauvin ova di death of George Floyd dey go on for ova two weeks now.

Oga Chauvin wey video show as im dey kneel on Floyd neck for more than nine minutes during di arrest operation for Minneapolis last May.

Di video of di incident spark global protests against racism.

Di trial now dey dia third week and law enforcement officials dey prepared for possible unrest once di jury announce dia verdict.

George Floyd death spark plenty protests around di city, many peaceful but some violent wit hundreds of buildings damaged.

Source: bbc.com