Jack Dorsey announcement of Twitter Ghana office but see four African Kontris wey get Tech giants offices

Tue, 13 Apr 2021 Source: bbc.com

As di debate still dey go on afta Twitter announce say dem dey open dia African Headquarters for Ghana.

Many pipo don dey chook eye for how di Silicone Valley tech giants don spread dia legs for inside Africa.

So far, Nigeria be home to at least three Tech Giant facilities and don host di ogas of both Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter oga Jack Dorsey.


Facebook announce for September 2020 say dem go open dia office inside Lagos wey go start to work for di second half of di 2021.

Microsoft open data centre for Lagos Nigeria for July 2020.

Google follow open dia first Development Space for Africa inside Lagos for January 2020.


Google open dia first Artificial Intelligence research centre for Accra Ghana for 2018.

South Africa

Facebook bin open dia first headquarters for Africa for di city of Johannesburg for June 2015.

For March Google also launch dia first data center for Africa inside Cape Town and Johannesburg.

For April Amazon Web Services sef open dia data center for Cape Town.

Amazon don get office for Cape Town since 2004.


Microsoft launch dia African development center for di kontri capital, Nairobi for May 2019.

For July 2020, Microsoft announce say e dey launch di Microsoft Africa Research Institute for di kontri infact sef, e go de for di Development Centre.

Source: bbc.com