Agadez to Accra: from the deserts of Niger to the Gulf of Guinea

Jay Dunn

$ 80.00 (new)

Hardcover (96 pages)

AVA International Publishing


Editorial Description

The spirit of great travel journalism is alive and well in this stunning new large-format landscape book by National Geographic Traveler First Prize winner Jay Dunn. Over one hundred and thirty striking photographs complement this collection of essays and observations on an African adventure, where the photographer searches for the beauty of everyday life, leading to memorable people and some extraordinary experiences. An excerpt from the book: A pale sun was low on the horizon when the Wednesday afternoon bus roared into town, stirring up clouds of fine gritty dust among the low-slung buildings. In this fading light, one could be forgiven for thinking of the Wild West, except our heroes were turbaned Africans, wrapped head to toe against the sun, and in the case of the Tuareg, swords at the ready... This was to be one of the stranger nights I would spend in Africa, an auburn crescent moon peeking out behind the clouds, but one I would never forget, padding through shin-deep sand in the dark with a stranger in search of a shop just over there, hauling an unconscious Frenchman off the ground and laying him out on restaurant tables to wait for a doctor, carrying a real ceramic plate of food for miles through inky black alleys, murmuring cows and the hush of a town battened down for the night, lights winking out behind thick walls and the anticipation of coolness at dawn.