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Editorial Description

Folded road and travel map in color. Scale 1:500,000. Distinguishes roads ranging from motorways to other roads. Legend includes tracks, railroads, ferry routes, international airports, national airports, aerodromes/small aircrafts, gasoline/petrol stations, bus stations, hospitals/medical facilities, castles/forts, points of interest, ruins or archaeological sites, campsites and huts, museums, lodges, churches, mosques. Includes inset map of Cape Coast, Accra and Kumasi. Extensive index.

Reader Reviews

Nice map, with a couple of shortcomings
Easily readable large-scale map of Ghana. One side depicts the southern half of the country, the other side the north. I can't vouch for the entire map, but the areas I've visited appear to be accurately depicted. It could be improved on two points: First the ancient historic mosques (e.g.; the famous one in Larabanga) are not marked, either as historic sites or as mosques. Furthermore, this the first map I've ever seen that lacks any mileage information, either using a scale of miles, or by noting distances between points. But since it's marked as 1:500000 scale, the math works out to 1cm = 5km. Handy to know that.

Ridiculously Oversized
Ghana is a small country. Yet this map is ridiculously oversized, with the northern half of the country on one side and the southern on the other. That makes it unnecessarily difficult to plot a trip when you can't see the entire country on one side. A country this small and mostly rural doesn't require a great deal of detail. The map covers up my whole dining table when I spread it out. For that reason it's very frustrating and hard to use.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to find another Ghana map. I've been looking, and this one seems to be the only one available.