Ghana, 3rd: The Bradt Travel Guide

Philip Briggs

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Paperback (424 pages)

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Editorial Description

Bradt's guide to Ghana, now into its third edition, is still the only dedicated guide to West Africa's fastest growing destination for tourists and business travelers. Author Philip Briggs helps visitors discover a country steeped in a rich cultural tradition but overshadowed by a tragic slave-trade history--the slave fort at Cape Coast being just one of the chilling reminders. Imprints of cultural groups can be found across the country, including the ancient mud-and-thatch mosque at Larabanga, the singular stilt village of Nzulezu, and the Ashanti Kingdom. Ghana is an uncrowded place to go for game-viewing; Mole National Park and Baobeng Monkey Sanctuary are among the highlights.This guide features:*A guide to the wildlife of the country: species identification, wildlife sanctuaries, and Mole National Park--the country's premier reserve*Information for the business traveler or backpacker, covering a complete range of accommodations, places to eat, and nightlife*A look at the country's culture, from Ghanian music and ethnic groups to decorated shrines and crafts, including cloth weaving*A review of Ghana's historical background, spanning ancient empires, the Gold Coast era, the slave trade, and Ghana's development since independence*Practical considerations: planning a trip, traveling within Ghana, its infrastructure, and health and safety advice

Reader Reviews

An Excellent Travel Guide
If you are traveling to Ghana, West Africa, this is the essential guide to have with you. It has an easy to read layout and includes everything you would ever need to know. I highly recommend this if you are going to that area. I am glad I own a copy!

Ghana on the ground
Observations, current and pertainent info, from knowledgeable travelers who've been there. This is the stuff you want to know to plan a successful journey.

Ghana travel guide
My daughter is in college, and is currently at the University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana. I bought her this before she left, and she has found it to be an invaluable resource!

Informative, sympathetic, and thorough
I visited Ghana in April 2007, and although I was visiting relatives and so had some local contacts, this book was a great help, both from the point of view of planning my trip and learning about the country. The short commentaries from various contributors on subjects such as local wildlife, nightlife or travelling solo as a woman, were especially informative and often entertaining as well. The maps in particular, while simple, were indispensable, as good local maps can be quite difficult to find even in Ghana.

A useful additional tool are the regular updates to the guide on the Bradt website, which have many contributions from recent travellers, including places that are closed (either temporarily or permanently) and recommendations for additional places to stay/eat or visit. I've heard that the 4th edition is due out in fall of 2007, and I'm tempted to go ahead and get it, too, for my next visit!

Good reference guide
Book very informative, with excellent info on where to go and how to get there. Plan to put it to good use in the fall!