Kwame Nkrumah

Yuri Smertin

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Paperback (180 pages)

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Reader Reviews

Good biography
Contrary to my expectations this turned out to be a good biography of Nkrumah and highlighted his many great achievements. It reassessed him and his place in history in a positive light. A must have for Nkrumah admirers.

A Good Overview of Nkrumah's Life
This book does a good job of showing the evolution of Kwame Nkrumah's thought. It not only details Nkrumah's many accomplishments but his mistakes especially the ones that led to his fall from power. The book contains many interesting facts about Nkrumah's life, such as his having been baptized as a Catholic and being a choirboy in his youth. Nkrumah spent many years in America where he learned much about America's race problem and met famous African-Americans such as Paul Robeson, and Richard Wright. Despite Nkrumah's overthrow with the help of the CIA, Nkrumah's influence on the African Liberation and Pan-African movement is still strong.