Political Stability in Ghana: Since the 1992 Re-Democratization Wave

Thomas Maxwell Aidoo

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Editorial Description

The book contributes towards building understandingof the text, texture and context of politicalstability in Ghana since re-democratization in 1992.It interrogates the multiplicity of vagueness andcontradictions, uncertainties and weaknesses, andcontinuities and changes in recent Ghanaian politics. The book is designed to project a deeper,more comprehensive look at the subject. Beginningwith an examination of the standard explanations andtheories of political stability, the author goes onto discuss the provenance and context of Ghana'sdemocratic transition of 1992. Then, Ghana'sconstitutional history and the incidence of politicalstability and instability are traced. This isfollowed by an analysis of Ghana's contradictoryhistorical legacies. The author then looks at thegermane issues of political participation, class andethnicity. Concluding, the author draws thepessimistic prognosis that Ghana's political systemwill not stabilize unless, ways are found to dealwith the ingrained informal institutions ofneopatrimonial governance, weak nationalinstitutions, widespread poverty, and the weaklylegitimated formal institutions.