Culture and Customs of Ghana (Culture and Customs of Africa)

Steven J. Salm
Toyin Falola

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Hardcover (240 pages)



Editorial Description

The decades of independence in Ghana have strengthened the idea of a national Ghanaian culture. The culture and customs of Ghana today are a product of diversity in traditional forms, influenced by a long history of Islamic and European contact. Culture and Customs of Ghana is the first book to concisely provide an up-to-date narrative on the most significant elements of the established cultural life and institutions as well as the most recent changes in the cultural landscape. Written expressly for students and the general reader, it belongs in every library supporting multicultural and African studies curricula.

Reader Reviews

Culture and Customs of Ghana
This book is an excellent resource for the general reader, the potential traveler, and the student who is seeking an uncomplicated and concise introduction to an important West African country. It holds the reader's interest throughout although it can also serve as a beneficial reference for the reader researching a particular topic. The organization is clear, logical, and balanced. Painful issues are presented fairly, honestly, and objectively, and points of pride abound. This book belongs in both general and academic collections.

Culture and Customs of Ghana
We really enjoyed learning of the many customs, cultures, and historical events that have shaped Ghana. We are hosting an exchange student from Ghana this fall, and found this to be a wonderful resource.