Akan Protocol: Remembering the Traditions of Our Ancestors

Nana Akua Kyerewaa Opokuwaa

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Paperback (156 pages)

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Editorial Description

This book begins your exploration of the culture and traditions of the Akans of Ghana, West Africa. It introduces the reader to the lifestyle of the traditional Akans living in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo, and other West African Countries. Little has been written on the Akan culture and spirituality especially in the style and with the sensitivity of this author. The reader gets a glimpse of the traditional life of the Akan with its protocols, hospitality, and embedded cultural spirituality. This is a user friendly guide to anyone seeking knowledge on the culture and/or spirituality of the Akans. The author has spent more than 15 years traveling throughout Ghana, observing and participating in cultural activities as well as studying day-to-day life. Additionally, the Author has spent many years interviewing practitioners of traditional Akan customs and rituals in Ghana. This book is a must read for social workers, psychologists, professors, teachers, and students. It is a great reference guide for those who plan to travel to Ghana and other parts of West Africa. Akan Protocol is infused with stories of interest and humor that will place you in the heart of Ghana, West Africa with Nana Kyerewaa.

Reader Reviews

Amazing Introduction to the Akan Structure
This book is an amazing introduction to the Akan Structure. This was an easy read. If you are interested in the subjects of the Ancestors, Traditional African Religions, and/or the heart of Sankofa, this book is a must read. Akan Protocol is the must read guide for anyone traveling to Ghana or anyone who is interested in or wants to attend Akan Akom based events! Follow this author...if this book is a foreshadow of what's to come, this author is very promising!!! Akan Protocol is a Must read and a Must have. Bravo Nana Kyerewaa!!!

Excellent Book
I have been interested in traditional African reilgion and culture for many years. And when i was ready to move past the stereotypes then this book found me.

The author is very knowledgable and makes the book easy to understand. In no way does the author indulge the reader in the nonsense that surrounds traditional african religions. This author breaks it all down and gives the Akan culture the respect it deserves. In simple terms, and this is important because when one reads a book about something that is new the reader does not want to get caught in technical jargon. Because it makes the texts and the information impossible to absorb.

Now I am able to understand that Akan culture. And know that it is based on tradition that has existed for thousand of years before any western religion. And the religion and culture still thrives today in Ghana and in America.

This is must read for everyone who is an African living in the diaspora or on the continent, anywhere in the world.

This book has been long overdue. We have been praying for the second reprint of this book!!!!

As the previous commentor stated, if you did not have an chance to get your hands on the first edition, then you have another opportunity.There is no other book like this one on the market today. This book should be on everyone's bookshelf and should definately be a must read for all college-level African American/African studies classes.

Nana Kyerewaa does an outstanding job of laying the foundation for Akan culture and spirituality. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. This book will definately open up many doors for you spiritually and will definately leave you wanting more.

Medase Pi Nana Kyerwaa for writing this groundbreaking book. May Almighty God, the Abosom and Nsamanfo continue to bless you.

Excellent book on etiquette, not spiritual knowledge
this is a great book for people planning to visit Ghana and interact with members of the royal community there. It is insightful in understanding etiquette in Akan culture. However, for those of you thinking that the author is going to go at any length discussing the spiritual beliefs of Akan religion she is not. This should not be mistaken as a spiritual or religious book, it is focused primarily on etiquette. This is not a bad thing, understanding such protocol is good. But this it is not a soul searching sort of ordeal.

Excellent Book
Excellent book, i being a descendent of akan maroons was satisfied with the protrayal and preciseness of this treatise of akan morality and thier religious perceptions.This book is a excellent primer for her other book,Introduction to akan spiritual religion, rituals and practices.I beleive that the main reason, why there is so little to none information on Akan religions and thier beleifs, is because it is being hidden by the " the powers that be". Only harmful religions from africa, and religions that have never meant well for black people in general like voodo santeria, and alot of the so called yoruba religion.It is no coincedence that there voodoo and santeria cults basically "littered around america" victimiizing poor black people who do not know better, than to deal with these class's of spirits, or the people who teach them.I also might add that these same spirits in these religions were repsonsible for alot of the slave trade, partaking in a diabolical plan by them and the "beast".It does not make sense that there is a million and one books on voodo santeria, psuedo yoruba, but there is nothing on the hundreds if not thousands of spiritual realitys from africa.