Stencils West Africa Ghana: Ancient & Living Cultures Series: Grades 3+: Teacher Resource (Ancient and Living Cultures)


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Editorial Description

Children discover and explore the rich heritage of ancient cultures around the world through fascinating myths, legends, festivals, and stories of the culture. Detailed maps and vivid illustrations show how various people lived and what they accomplished. Each book in this popular series contains five easy-to-do art projects- complete with unique punch-out stencils for making many of the traditional arts and crafts still produced today. Ages 8+

Reader Reviews

Great Art-In-Culture Resource for Children!
Although limited to Ghanian culture, this interactive publication serves as a useful resource tool and springboard in discovering the significance of symbols often found in African objects and textiles. Several Adinkra stencils symbolic of specific proverbs, social concepts and/or ideas are contained therein; they can be effectively used in craft-related stenciling and art activities. (I used STENCILS: WEST AFRICA: GHANA for a special Social Studies/Language Arts unit I developed for my first graders and for a Grades 2-5 African Heritage After School Program. The use of these materials and information contained therein has proven educational, enlightening, and stimulating for my young learners!) West Africa: Ghana (Ancient and Living Cutlures) is worth the purchase for educators, parents, and/or those interested learning about other cultures!

Hungry For More
I appreciate the book being available with the Adinkra stencils. I enjoyed projects and the suggestions in the book but I would have liked to have more than 16 stencils. This is a great book of African heritage and I was excited that it was available.