The Practice of Witchcraft in Ghana

Gaberial Bannerman-Richter

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Paperback (149 pages)

Gabari Publishing Company


Reader Reviews

This is the first book in a good trilogy
This is the first in a trilogy on witchcraft in Ghana. The other two works also by Bannerman-Richter are Don't Cry! My Baby, Don't Cry!: an autobiography of an African Witch and Mmoetia:The Mysterious Little People. You can find them at the University of Ghana in Accra other than that good luck finding copies. However, if you do it is worth your time. This book gives a basic overview of witchcraft as manifest among the akan, the primary people of Ghana. It talks about such things as astral projection and how a person becomes a witch. It is a good read but a little two short. All three of the books are about 170 pages each.