Hairlocking: A Guide for the Amateur Locktician

Kumasi Serikali

$ 5.00 (used)

Paperback (104 pages)

Epic Press


Reader Reviews

Don't dread your locks
I'm almost fifty and have never understood what happens to my hair. I've always taken it for granted that I would have to just deal with my hair 'in the morning'. But, this book has made it very clear to me all of the elements involved to make a 'good hair day' including diet, exercise, what I'm shampooing with, what I'm conditioning with, etc. I am so enlightened. I would have liked more photos in the 'how to create locks' chapter to help me determine which style would look the best to me. I loved the positive self-image information to help us appreciate our hair the way it is. Thanks Sister Kumasi.

Down to earth, back to basics!
I purchased this book seeking information on how to start locks and that's what I got! The language is forthright and easy to understand. Naela Kitabu Imanyara-Serikali's nine year old locks whom we see on the photo are beautiful! Can't wait to see mine years down the road.

Definitely a good read, I recommend for your libraries.


Much too short
This book is very short. Some of the information is toward acceptance of the loc style. I feel that if a person is reading this book they are already at the point of acceptance and is looking for information on technique. This book is short on this type of information. I did find it encouraging to learn the beginnings of the loc style. If you are looking for how to perform the loc style. I say look elsewhere.

Could have been more informative
I didn't think this book was that informative. I would have liked to see more pictures in the book. Usually when someone is interesting in locing their hair or becoming a loctician, it is encouraging to see pictures of others who have locs and this book was lacking in that. If you find this book at a library, check it out. However, I wouldn't pay money for it.

Not worth the money I paid for it.
This book was extremely short (it was like a pamplet) and definitely not worth the money I paid for it. The best part of the book is the appendix. You could easily get most of the information contained in this book, off the internet and for FREE! It gave very little how to info, what to expect info, & troubleshooting info. The info it DID give was questionable. I'd recommend Tulani Kinard's, "No Lye" instead of this. That and a good natural hair message board.