Ghana. Understanding the People and their Culture

John Kuada
Yao Chachah

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Paperback (112 pages)

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Editorial Description

There is little written by Ghanaians to help foreigners understand their culturally prescribed rules of behaviour. This fascinating book offers an introduction to the Ghanaian people and is of use to visitors to Ghana, and those interested in the country and its culture. It covers geography and demography; political history; the economy; religions and customs; institutions and ceremonies that take place at different stages in life; underlying values and rules of behaviour; amusements and festivals; places of interest and guidelines for the good traveller.

Reader Reviews

Printed in someone's garage!
This is a very low quality printed book. I do not recommend it for the price they are charging. I would pay something less then $10 but nothing more then that. I talked to one of the individuals who is reading it and he says it is o.k. I am just saying that it is very low quality and I will look for something else for this premium price.