The Gift Called Jesus Christ

Osmond Owusu

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Paperback (144 pages)



Editorial Description

This book has been written at a timely moment when many indeed lack the true knowledge of the person of Jesus Christ. The times which we are is comparable to the event that occurred at Caesarea Philippi in Matthew 16 when Jesus asked His disciples who men and they thought He was. It was clear from the answers given that the public including the disciples of Jesus lacked the true revelation of who Jesus was. It took divine revelation imparted to Peter to reveal who Jesus was to the disciple. Bro. Osmond, a prolific writer and a matured believer in Christ inspired by the Holy Spirit has revealed in this book Jesus as a gift to humankind, His deity and attributes as Governor, Counselor, Mighty God as stated in Isaiah 9:6. He reminds believers that Jesus as a gift must be received and the recipient must grow in His knowledge and operate by His operational principles. It is at this point that the gift will be of full benefit to the recipient. Understanding the role and attributes of Jesus as Governor, Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of peace will enrich one's Christian life and equip the believer to access the benefits that go with His person. Another fascinating revelation expounded by Bro. Osmond is the fact that the increase of His government shall know no end. This means that anyone associated with Him and submitting to His Lordship will experience limitless favor and blessings. The message in this book has been made so simple and presented in a manner that one can use it as a Bible study guide. I recommend this book for Bible schools and Ministers of the gospel who will want to teach their flock extensively on Christ. In fact, this book should be a must for every believer. I wish to commend the author for this great work well done and pray it will bless people as it has done to me.

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