Development of a Country is a Collective Effort: The Case of Ghana

Gabriel Awuah

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Our case country Ghana, like many others in Africa, is characterized by, for example, mass poverty, huge foreign debts,poor socio-economic infrasturcture and entrepreneurial base, inability to meet the challenges of the forces of globalization, and heavy reliance on foreign loans and aid. Often times the development of the country has been the sole responsibility of a single entity, a government or a few ruling elites. It is argued in this book that to overcome the problems mentioned above, involving many actors (e.g. industry,government, universities,and the general public)will produce a collective effort, which will enable the actors to leverage their complementary capabilities to bring about a sustainable economic development. In this book we emphasize areas in which Ghana should invest now in order to effect sustainable development, which will translate into, example, poverty reduction, enabling environment for firms to emerge,grow and be competitive.