Adolescents' Perception of Citizenship and Democracyin Ghana: Ghanaian Students Reveal Their Ideas of Democratic Citizenship

Groth Jeanette

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ADOLESCENTS¿¿¿ PERCEPTION OF CITIZENSHIPAND DEMOCRACY IN GHANA Because Ghana has understood the need for citizeneducation, it is a rich site for investigation ofthis topic. The current study focuses specifically onhow Junior Secondary School students (ages11-16)perceive democracy and citizenship, how thecurriculum introduces ideas about citizenship anddemocracy, and how these and other sources influencestudents¿¿¿ developing conceptions of both. Students inthis study attempted to reach into their own historyand compare elements of past governance to aspects ofGhana¿¿¿s democracy today. They also explored worldcitizenship and their part in a global world. Throughinterviews and digital photography, studentsverbalized citizenship attitudes and actions such asunity, tolerance, respect for law and order,patriotism, and an understanding of rights andresponsibilities. This work will give professors,classroom teachers and civic educators new insightsinto what is involved in imparting citizenshipeducation as well as students¿¿¿ perceptions of thetopic. New methods of data collection involving theuse of digital photography by students aresignificant to this work.