D&B Country Report: Ghana


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Editorial Description

D&B Country ReportComprehensive information for evaluating risks and opportunities when trading or investing in Ghana. Providing critical information and analysis on the trade environment, D&B Country Reports offer in-depth analysis for evaluating risks and opportunities when trading overseas. This detailed report is divided into six sections to help you address the key areas of concern that may impact your international business:Political Risk - How stable is the country's government? Economic Risk - Is the economy expanding or contracting?External Risk - Is the currency stable or unstable?Commercial Risk - Will I get paid? How quickly will I get paid?Trade Environment - Have import regulations changed? Investment Environment - In which sectors can I safely invest?D&B Country Reports are produced by a team of highly skilled regional analysts who use exclusive data from D&B’s network of reporting offices. In addition to written analysis, each report ranks the country in question using D&B’s proprietary Country Risk Indicator. The reports also contain both short- and long-term economic forecasts and use charts and tables to complement the text. Our analysis is supplemented by primary data from national and international sources and secondary data from the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and other multilateral organizations.