Urban redevelopment, cultural heritage, poverty and redistribution: the case of Old Accra and Adawso House [An article from: Habitat International]

G. Razzu

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This digital document is a journal article from Habitat International, published by Elsevier in . The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Amazon.com Media Library immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.Description: There is a complex relationship between cultural heritage and poverty. This relationship is particularly evident in the depletion of historical centers. In addition, when considered along with the impact of the intertwined forces of urbanization and modernization, it may result in the dangerous threatening of the cultural tracts, social structure and urban patterns of the poor living in historical centers. All this seems to have happened in old Accra, the historical center of the capital city of Ghana. The paper tries to analyze this complex relationship as it is manifested in Ga Mashie and its impacts on the poor indigenous population. It also suggests some policy recommendations, in particular, the fact that urban redevelopment projects of dilapidated historical districts have to genuinely consider the delicate and peculiar environment in which they are based. The financial elements of the intervention, for instance, might have to be differentiated from the typical ones used in peripheral slum upgrading projects, opening new rooms for a substantial redistribution of wealth.

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Caveat emptor! The product description from Amazon.com is misleading. This is not the full article as suggested by Amazon.com in the title and in the description. This is just the Abstract and the References. Not the Article itself. I was expecting to read the article and paid for just the abstract which I could have already read for free on other websites. Oh Well, as I said "caveat emptor" - Let the buyer beware! - SKO