Ghana (Oxfam Country Profiles)

Rachel Naylor

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Editorial Description

This is a review of Ghana and its people, providing its historical and political background and tracing it growth. Since 1981, following years of corrupt military rule, Ghana has undergone economic structural adjustment and political liberalization, and is often hailed as a success story of economic recovery. Through the personal testimonies of Ghanaian farmers, traders, school children and stockbrokers, this country profile shows how social and economic constraints are affecting daily life, and what Ghanaians themselves are doing to shape their own future.

Reader Reviews

Oxfam's Ghana Guide
Well written book that gives both historical background and cultural information. The book tends to focus on the northern parts of Ghana (i.e. Tamale), and some assumptions are made by the author that do not reflect the southern regions quite as accurately. This is not intended as a tourist guide!