Let's Go Ghana: A Visitor's Guide to Business Opportunities, Networking and Tourism in Ghana

Kwasi Bosompem

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Paperback (96 pages)

Kwasi Bosompem


Editorial Description

A handbook with all the information that tourists students and businesspersons need to know while visiting Ghana

Reader Reviews

Insider's View of Ghana
Let's Go Ghana is written by a Ghanian now living in Washington, D.C. As such, it is a good purveyor of Ghanian social customs and history for people from the west. This would be especially helpful to those trying to set up business relationships with and within Ghana. An interesting ancillary read for the tourist.

An Invaluable Resource
Kwasi Bosompem's "Let's Go Ghana" is an invaluable resource for the tourist or businessperson seeking historical and practical information about Ghana, or for the reader interested in heightening his/her cultural awareness. Within only ninety-six pages, Mr. Bosompem has gathered vital data and important historical/cultural information about Ghana that would otherwise be difficult or time-consuming to locate. Further, he has presented it in an interesting and eminently readable format. Written by a Ghanaian who has resided and been educated both in Africa and the United States, "Let's Go Ghana" is senstively written and is a unique resource. A must-read for anyone interested Ghana!