Heal Thyself: For Health and Longevity

Queen Afua

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Paperback (279 pages)

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Editorial Description

This is a call to the United Nations, to the communities of the world. This is a call to our leaders - political, spiritual, educational, business and artistic - who have an even greater responsibility to purify, lest the people be led to mass destruction.

Reader Reviews

Heal Thyself - Great Information
I have read Heal Thyself through completely once and I continue to refer to it as a reference book. I keep it by my bed.I purchased it because I was looking for guidance on a better diet and better health. I am completely satisifed with it's contents. I have lost 20lbs just by tweeking my diet according to Queen Afua's suggestions. I feel great. I am not sluggish and lithargic like I use to be. I suggest this book to anyone who is looking for guidance on a better diet and better health.

A bible for self realization
Queen Afu plain and simple lays out a blue print for life. This book is a must read for anyone who is unsure of themselves or who want to change their unhealthy habits, and follow a path of healing mentally,physically, and spiritually. I think all young women ages 13 and up should read this book to gain a sense of knowing/discovering/defining the queens they really are and keeping themselves healed and disease free for many years to come.This is the kind of book you would want to reference time after time!Queen Afua's many recipes for fasting and cleansing is a wonderful source of information to utilize and pass along through multiple generations of our queens young and old.If you are an american born african-american with broken roots and no sense of culture this is a great place for our young girls to start!

for the progress minded that love themselves. lots of great info on foods, etc, but also a beautiful uplifting book full of postivive words that free the spirit. queen afua is on point, walks the walk, talks the talk....if your into bettering yourself, try the book out

Get it and get well!
I'm going to be completely honest: there are so many quacks, and charlatans in the folk medicine community that I almost passed this book up. Queen Afua isn't an extremist, as she doesn't encourage you to quit your treatment plan a physician may have you on. I also have the cook book that is this book compliment, and have used the juices. I've also implemented some of her fasting strategies. This book is an AWESOME guide to fasting as she gives you step by step directions. I say get this book, and get well.

Let's make a change in ou lives!
If you want to have a pure body and start knowing about queen Afua's natural ways to a healthy living GO FOR THIS BOOK! LOVE LOVE IT! :0)