12 Steps To Getting Admitted into Colleges & Universities in the United States: Playbook on Applying to Colleges and Universities in the US

Ohene Kwapong

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Paperback (80 pages)

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Editorial Description

If you pick up this book, you want your college or university application process to be smooth and successful. This process is a journey that is bound to change your life forever. Successful journeys begin with visions. Without a vision for your life and goals for achievement, you may end up wandering aimlessly from school to school—and, you risk not being satisfied on your eventual graduation day. Getting admitted to schools you choose begins with a vision that can be realized—a vision that puts you on that perfect college campus. You are probably excited and anxious at the thought of completing all the requirements and the prospect of being in college. Relax. Many have survived this process. In fact, you will read about students who got into top colleges with nothing but a vision and the right tools for a great application. This book gives you that set of tools, ignites your vision, and makes the whole application process successful. As you read each section, you will realize that the process is more than meets the eye, but you will soon be on your way to a smooth process—one that takes your vision and makes it real.