Mfantsipim and the Making of Ghana: A Centenary History, 1876-1976

Albert Adu Boahen

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Paperback (541 pages)

Sankofa Educ. Publ.


Editorial Description

Winner of The Noma Award for Publishing in Africa. The jury cited the book as " ordinary history book. It is a fascinating story, elegantly told by a meticulous historian in a beautifully produced volume. The author, a major historian and political figure, skilfully presents the story of the making of modern Ghana through the life history of one school." The author illuminates how western education has refined and changed the destiny of Ghanaian families from the school, and the contribution of the school to nation building through the excellence of the products of the school. The history of the school is set against the background of the history of Ghana in general; and a completely new light is thrown on a turning point in Ghana's history - the 1948 riots and their aftermath.

Reader Reviews

Splendid piece of work
The book speaks for itself when read;no wonder the Professor won an award for it. Kwabotwe's "Dwin Hwe Kan" lives on even after the period the book covers. It is a must read for all and MOBAs especially.